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Nov 1, 2013 10:00am EDT
security issues. drew -- rafael garcia. he is in charge of the intelligence division in los angeles. we are glad george can present the fbi tonight. he has worked in various capacities with the fbi since 1990 five, focusing on intelligence, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. his work has taken him to fort hoover in washington at fbi headquarters, but also has been the fbi's deputy on scene commander in iraq. he was an army veteran before that. next to him is ambassador me,ron mitchell -- excuse cameron munter. was ambassador to pakistan from 2010 22012. he will have many hair-raising stories about that relationship in a time when u.s. pakistani ,elations were not easy including the capture and killing of osama bin laden. before that he had an easy assignment in baghdad for he had responsibility for overseeing the drawdown of u.s. troops. before that he was ambassador to serbia, to be the chief and admission in the czech republic and poland. he is also served in the national security council under clinton, bush, and other departments. who but not least is peter is a senio
Nov 12, 2013 10:00am EST
on international affairs in los angeles. but his main expertise is centered on iran and the middle east. i'm delighted that he has taken the time to come today and talk to us about some of the critical issues of the moment. [applause] >> can you hear me? i'm not sure i need a mic. if you can hear me, let me know. paul forwant to thank inviting me to speak. he is my pal from 30 years -- some 30 years. he is also an extraordinary distinguish -- not only expert on the middle east but frankly a patriotic american who after 9/11 kind of disappeared for seven years working for uncle sam in northern virginia doing important sorts of work. we have been friends for a long time. his knowledge is remarkable. i've got to say -- they always say an expert is someone from out of town. i have to acknowledge -- i'm sitting at this table. i'm talking to congressman berkley, member of the house foreign relations committee and middle east subcommittee. when you get face time with someone of that level of exposure back in washington, it is something to be treasured. dr. -- who just came back from iran two days
Nov 18, 2013 2:00pm EST
conflict zone occurred in yemen in 2002. the los angeles time did extensive reports but the bush administration never formally acknowledged the attacks because it was supposed to be a covert mission that they would not comment on. drone. operated that they launched it from djibouti on the african west coast -- east coast. six people were killed, including a 23-year-old american from upstate new york. timeng in yemen at that amounted to a conflict. for the ciaenough to send a helicopter to the attack site, send to agents down .o the ground by rope get back into the helicopter and fly away. no danger to them at all. target, was not even involved in 9/11. the bush administration then expanded its drone campaign to pakistan in 2004. again, it refused to comment on any reports of drone attacks and in fact never commented on whether there was any legal basis for drone attacks. they moved on in 2006 to 2007 2 somalia where it again applied drone attacks. heard criticisms from mr. obama that the so-called global war on terror under which guantanamo was allegedly , where techniques of tor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3